Relax… I wasn’t gone all that long.

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—; { Just a little PSA here folks! I’ll be on vacation 
       for the next week, and I won’t be online at all 
       during that time.  Feel free to fill up my ask
        box or post your replies as usual, and I’ll 
       get back to it when I get home! Have a nice 
       week everyone! See you all next Sunday!}

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A sigh is what follows to his words, as
much as the girl cared for him, Black
Star was trouble more often than not.


       ”No, he didn’t show up…I know it’s like
        him, to skip class to go training on his 
        own…but I sitll worry what he might be
        up to…” a finger placed on her chin, the
        girl adds “It was the first place I checked.
       I just hope he’s not causing any trouble…”

            “Relax, how much damage could he really cause? He
      weighed the option in his head. Honestly the worst that could
      happen was that the insufferable idiot would pick a fight with the
      wrong person and cause a little collateral damage to the school. 

            “He’ll be back by the time you make dinner. He lazily reassured
      the fellow weapon; most certainly because he’d never known Black
      Star to miss a meal in his life.

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She flinched at the rude response, before noticing that the boy was sleeping before she came in. “I’m sorry for waking you.. But- Uh do you happen to know where I could find your meister?” Since she already woke him up, she should ask him anyway. Maybe that was wrong…

She shifted to one foot to another, humming a soft tune to calm her thoughts down.  ”I really am sorry to wake you..” she murmured.

The girl wanted nothing more than to become friends with not only Maka, but her weapon as well, and this being there first direct meeting, the future wasn’t looking too bright. 

Maybe I should have just apologized and left..

            He didn’t acknowledge her apology verbally, mostly because it
      was pointless. He was awake now, anyway, so what did it matter?
      But regarding his Meister, he scratched absently behind his ear
      and reclined back in his chair, his feet propped up across the
      smooth expanse of his desk.

            “Hn? Not a clue. Probably in class like the goody goody she is.
      He wagered, folding his hands behind his snowy fringe. 

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            “Black Star!!”

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        A sigh “If you’re talking about who
        I assume we’re talking, I lost sight
       of him after he broke one of the
       windows with his training…” and
       she’s now  left worrying about what
       other havoc he might be breaking. 

            The response was a resounding grimace. Typical Black Star. 

            And he didn’t show up for class, huh? He scratched absently
      at his head. …have you checked the basketball court?

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Tsugumi walked down the hallways of the DWMA, slowly and groggily since she had just walked up the flight of stairs in the killing sun. But still walking with her head up, with pride glowed in her indigo eyes. A book was cradled in her hands, pressed up to her chest. The book that she had gotten from someone she looked up to very much.. The same book that she finished last night. Today she just wanted to talk about the book.. But she couldn’t seem to find the other who had given to it to her.

She hasn’t been searching very long, but it seemed like forever. When she took a step into a classroom,  a smaller one with only a couple chairs and one table, she wasn’t expecting anyone in there. But there was someone there, sitting in one of the chairs closer to the back of the small room, doing nothing, or so it seemed to Tsugumi. 

"Oh excuse me-" she took a step out, ready to leave before she realized who was actually there "Wait.. Aren’t you Maka’s weapon?" The girl tilted her head, taking a step back in.

            The tranquility of his silence was broken by the gentle prying
      sound of her voice, causing his previously so relaxed features to
      twitch. It was like a needle scratching against a jazz record,
      breaking the easy rhythm. He thought he’d finally found a
      classroom that was remote enough that he could skip his
      Resonance class and take a nap undisturbed, but it appeared
      he’d been wrong.

            His carmine eyes peeled open to ascertain the source of the
      timid little voice; hn… this girl. He recognized her, if only vaguely.
      He’d seen her talking to Maka on a few occasions. She was in
      the NOT class… if his memory served correctly.

            …what’s it to ya? He muttered in response; not exactly the
      most polite response, but she had interrupted his nap.

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          ” This is my apartment too, y ’ know !

            Nobody’s makin’ you leave. He volleyed back with a deadpan
      expression. Of course, if Jazz wasn’t her cup of tea, then moving to
      another room would hardly matter. The volume at which he was
      spinning his records would have permeated any wall in their tiny
      flat. That wasn’t to say that his mini record player was exceptionally
      loud… but their apartment was a small one. And if she was indeed
      attempting to study (which she almost always was to the best of the
      Weapon’s knowledge), then the music would certainly prove

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