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 [ as soon as she turns around to leave the room, maka instantly
    regrets each and every insult that she spat out at him. — soul
    being lazy wasn’t something new for her. yes, it did get her 
    worked up but she realizes that she had absolutely no right to call
    him selfish when he’s willing to risk his own life for her. but it 
    seems like most times the honey blonde allows her temper to
    get the best of her and ends up saying things she doesn’t mean.
    soul was irresponsible but he was by far the least selfish person
    maka has ever met, and perhaps she should learn to be more
    tolerant instead of exploding like that. — such an irrational and
    immature thing to do, so unlike her logical and know-it-all self. 

    she should apologize to him, shouldn’t she? after all, they were
    best friends and best friends don’t yell at each other like that, 
    right? but it seems like the technician is taken back by her own
    pride and remains quiet. that is until he pierces the silence and
    shoulders right past her. she figures he’s mad at her for saying
    such lies, and he had the right to after all he’s gotten a scar 
    across his chest because a while back she had been careless,
    not to mention the countless times he’s risked his life to save

    but the thing is, he isn’t. perhaps maybe both of them had made
    a mistake today and realized it. unlike him, widened olive hues
    search for his back turned on her as she looks up. ]

                                                  “… — soul.”

    [ that’s all she can mumble for now, at least he’s taken initiative
      of actually doing something and somehow that makes her feel
      accomplished even if she said some hurtful things. — she’ll talk
      about that later. lips curve into a dim smile before she walks
      a bit closer to him, closing the distance between them and 
      allows her hand to rest on his shoulder. her smile grows a bit
      wider to let him know she’s not mad anymore. ]

                          “it’s okay, i’ll help you. —
                           you know i actually like cooking, plus,
                           we can’t risk you burning down the house.”

            Soul wasn’t really angry; it wasn’t in him. Indignant, plenty.
      Incredulous, certainly. But sheer, honest anger ..well. Guys who
      lost their temper just weren’t cool. It was more his style to roll
      with the punches, even if his Meister was the one those blows
      resounded from. Nobody liked to be wrong, but that was just
      part of life. Better to accept it now, or else he’d go through life
      like some pompous, uncool jerk.

            Her voice cut through his musings as it wrapped around the
      syllable of his name, and he lifted a brow beneath his icy fringe
      as she laid a hand against the deceivingly broad set of his
      shoulder. Tipping his cardinal gaze back to hers, he took the
      smile on her face as some sign that his wordless apology had
      been deciphered, and accepted. They had been partners for
      plenty of time now… but even beforehand, they hadn’t needed
      very many words to expound one another’s meanings. Only a
      few simple words when she’d first found him that day during
      orientation; “This is who I am.” ..was all it took. Their souls might
      not be compatible.. even Stein had said so himself, but…

            …they were partners. It was meant to be that way.

            A sideways smile sloped his own features in lieu of her offer,
      a snarky reply ever-ready on the tip of his silver tongue.
      “…you’re never gonna let that one go, are ya? Forget to turn off
      the toaster one time and you’re gonna take it to yer damn grave.”



 (  he’s sleeping just like she was expecting, sometimes
    maka wonders why in the world did she accept to pair up
    with a weapon as lazy as soul, but only when she’s extremely
    irritated which is.. — most times, but well she’s short-tempered.
    she is literally going to stomp her way towards his bed once he
    pulls the covers over his head to drown the lecture she’s about
    to give. ugh, men were all the same, they mess up and then they
    refuse to deal with the consequences. but maka won’t allow soul
    to have it his way, she’s the one who does everything around this
    house the poor girl deserves to be heard when she’s upset and
    he’ll have to deal with it.

    smaller hands will grasp the sheets over his head and pull them
    all the way down before she attempts at pulling the pillow he’s
    holding, clearly, she’s struggling because he’s way stronger than
    her but maka is literally so upset that she ends up succeeding
    even if that causes her to fall on her butt due to the force she
    invested. — if he even dares laughing, she will punch him. )

            “well, depends. —

    ( she’ll set the pillow on her lap before pinching the bridge
       of her nose in a displeased manner. god, she sounded
        exactly like her mother when her parents argued this was
        distressful and she hated it. )

               ”you know what? —— do whatever you want, just
                remember that if you don’t put any effort into this
                you’ll fail and you’ll end up dragging me in. 
                if you want to be selfish that’s your problem, but don’t
                expect me not to yell when i’m on the line as well.
                now if you don’t mind, i have to cook seeing as no one
                else does anything in this god damned house.”

     ( she’ll utter angrily before standing up and tossing
        the pillow at him and exiting the room. well, this was
        extremely disappointing but yelling wouldn’t solve anything. )

            The degree to which her ire rose, nearly matching that of the
      volume her voice reached, genuinely startled the weapon; a feat
      in itself. His slacker behavior almost never failed to agitate her,
      but he couldn’t recall the last time he’d seen the twin-tailed
      Meister so virulent and…honestly angry. She had a temper, that
      was inarguable, but…this was different. His brows drew together
      in a deep crease as she pinched the bridge of her nose in
      palpable exasperation and turned on her heels to hurry away. 

            Selfish… was he, really? He was always willing to die for his
      Meister at any given moment, and the scar that seared across
      his chest was proof enough of that… and yet, he couldn’t even
      drag himself out of bed an hour earlier to ensure she remained
      at her standing? He never thought he failed to act responsibly
      as her weapon… but when it came to school, perhaps that
      wasn’t true. He was a reflection of her as her partner… maybe..
      skipping class wasn’t so cool after all.

            Heaving a sigh, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed
      and padded across the treated wood of his floor after her.
      “…Maka.” He harrowed her on her way out, catching her at the
      door frame and shouldering past her without taking the time to
      make eye contact; he was too cool to outright admit that he was
      wrong about anything. So instead, he simply insisted; “…lemme
      get it this time. What do you want for breakfast?”


Watching in admiration of every single one of the male’s movements. From the way he flicked his wrist, to the way he pointed around. Each one seemed full of flavour and life. It was a beautiful sight for Meme to be able to be the witness of. Hazel orbs followed the male’s point in the opposite direction as she nodded in assurance, now knowing where to go. Now turned away from the male, she took her first step, and looked down at her feet. Wait… Swivelling on her foot, no facing the male again. "Erm..which way is right?


            “You gotta be kidding me.” He deadpanned, the corners of his
      mouth turning even lower in a bare of his asperous rows of teeth, a
      bead of sweat pooling along his temple. This girl was seriously
      hopeless. Heaving a sigh and stuffing his fists into the cradle of his
      pockets, he shouldered past the flippant freshman and began a
      lazy stride down the hallway in question.

            “…c’mon. I’ll show you the way.”



  ( and cue the small framed girl barging
     in her dorm room as olive toned orbs search
     frenetically for a certain scythe who’s been skipping
     class around the space. — she’ll simply walk into his
     room uninvited and without knocking, she’s too annoyed
     to worry about that. brace yourself for what’s coming. )

             ”can you please explain to me how you expect
               becoming the best death scythe there ever was.. —

            There was just something about sleeping late that made
      Soul feel so much more rested than actually going to bed at a
      decent hour and getting up on time. Dragging his heels was
      one of the would-be-Deathscythe’s favorite pastimes, and lazing
      around in bed for an extended period of time was much more
      fulfilling that hauling himself to boring old class and sleeping
      through one of Stein’s duller than dirt lectures on the
      significance of Soul Resonance or some other useless
      malarkey. No, he decided as he finally allowed the sunlight
      filtering through the half drawn curtains of his bedroom window
      to stir him from his death-like slumber; laying in bed while he
      woke up at his own lackadaisical pace made for a much cooler

            That is, until his Meister’s shrill harping sharply roused him
      from his lazy recline. He’d thought the soft hum of her lilt to be a
      fragment of one of his half-awake dreams… until it had
      escalated so rashly and nearly split his ear drums. It was akin to
      that feeling of waking up because you felt yourself falling; that
      drop in your heart and panic in your limbs as you frantically
      grasp hold of the sheets to make sure you’re actually stabilized.
      Her shouts woke him in that same startled fashion, eliciting a
      groan from the jagged mesh of his teeth as he jerked the covers
      up over his head in displeasure. “…nng.. do you ever do anything
      but shout..?” He grumbled from the muffle of his pillow.

            Dammit. It’d been such a cool morning up until then..


Offer taken as she enthusiastically shook the male’s hand. It felt like such an honour to meet a senior in such a casual manor, and so she wished to savour whatever she could from it. As she let go of the other’s hand, she pushed it up against her chin in thought. A lightbulb went off in her mind as she then snapped her fingers. "YesThat’s it!


            Barely holding his balance in the affront of her enthusiastic
      shake, he shook his hand upon her release of the appendage to
      encourage the blood flow back into it in the absence of her vice
      grip. He grimaced as she seemed to retreat back into her thoughts
      before bursting at the seams with her epiphany. What was with this

            “…thought so..” He mumbled, gesturing with his opposite hand
      down the hallway in the direction perpendicular to the path she’d
      been taking. “..well, the girl’s dorm is that way… Just follow that hall
      until you can’t anymore, then make a right.”


Confusion was slightly visible on Meme’s visage as her head slanted to the side slightly. What did he mean by ‘I’ll say’? she thought to herself before that train came to a halt due to a question. A small bob came from the meister’s head, "YesI am a freshman meister hereIt’s a pleasure to finally meet you~” she chimed, remembering the demonstration that was given earlier.


            “Right..” He muttered in a borderline polite response, extending
      his hand in proffering for a proper shake. He hadn’t taken the time
      to examine any of the fresh faces in the freshman orientation, or
      perhaps he would have recognized her quicker. “…well, freshman
      classes don’t start until tomorrow. So I’d bet you’re looking for the
      girl’s dorm. That right?”



"I-I’m sorryI space out a lot as well,” she replied, in slight fear.

            The weapon’s chest, previously puffed with incredulity and
      disbelief, deflated in defeat. “..I’ll say…” He grumbled; a total space
      cadet. “…I’m guessing you’re a freshman, huh?” He ventured. Given
      her aloof air and that she wasn’t outfitted in the school uniform,
      that was the most logical conclusion he could draw.



A small pout tugged at the edges of Meme’s lips as she huffed. "I forgot—I have bad memory, okay?

            “Whose memory is that bad?!” He barked incredulously.


Maka crinckled her nose in retort. “Well if I don’t do the all reading around here — who will?” And like that, her partber revved her gears; And she knew that there were times that it was not just a coincedence! “And you have to study, Soul! Maybe you should be digging your nose in a book —-” She raised the book in her hand for example. “—and stop slacking off in your schoolwork!” A deep frown was fostered on her lips. “Forget it…I don’t want to play. I have things to do.”

            He met her objections with a furrow of his salt and pepper brow,
      his disgruntlement lending an irritated twitch to his sneer. After
      briefly considering that his Meister was almost twice as stubborn
      and bull-headed as he himself was, he decided that actions spoke
      much louder than words and, disregarding her harping, proceeded
      to snatch her up by the pristine pressed collar of her school shirt
      and drag her from her neatly kept study desk in the direction of the

            “…fine. If you won’t come, I’ll just make you. You’re gonna get
      sick and pale just sitting in here all day.”

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patti-thompson-the-little-sis said: Patti smiled walking down the hallway at school until she saw soul. Patti smirked standing in front of soul and kissing him on the lips

            “W-what the hell, Patti?!”