"You must be Soul," she replied, a small smile tugging at the edges of her mouth.  "I’ve heard a bit about you." She gently probed, looking at the shape of his soul with her perception.  He seemed a good sort. With manners, nonetheless.

            Good things, he hoped, swallowing a grimace.
      He returned her assertion with a mild scratch at the
      nape of his neck.

            ❝—right. Maka’s talked about you a lot, too.❞

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            M’am. He bowed out of respect. After all, Maka had spoke so
      highly of her all these years, it wouldn’t be appropriate to greet her
      in any other manner of regard.

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            Whoa, uh… did you all… need something…?

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            Relax… I wasn’t gone all that long.

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—; { Just a little PSA here folks! I’ll be on vacation 
       for the next week, and I won’t be online at all 
       during that time.  Feel free to fill up my ask
        box or post your replies as usual, and I’ll 
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A sigh is what follows to his words, as
much as the girl cared for him, Black
Star was trouble more often than not.


       ”No, he didn’t show up…I know it’s like
        him, to skip class to go training on his 
        own…but I sitll worry what he might be
        up to…” a finger placed on her chin, the
        girl adds “It was the first place I checked.
       I just hope he’s not causing any trouble…”

            “Relax, how much damage could he really cause? He
      weighed the option in his head. Honestly the worst that could
      happen was that the insufferable idiot would pick a fight with the
      wrong person and cause a little collateral damage to the school. 

            “He’ll be back by the time you make dinner. He lazily reassured
      the fellow weapon; most certainly because he’d never known Black
      Star to miss a meal in his life.

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She flinched at the rude response, before noticing that the boy was sleeping before she came in. “I’m sorry for waking you.. But- Uh do you happen to know where I could find your meister?” Since she already woke him up, she should ask him anyway. Maybe that was wrong…

She shifted to one foot to another, humming a soft tune to calm her thoughts down.  ”I really am sorry to wake you..” she murmured.

The girl wanted nothing more than to become friends with not only Maka, but her weapon as well, and this being there first direct meeting, the future wasn’t looking too bright. 

Maybe I should have just apologized and left..

            He didn’t acknowledge her apology verbally, mostly because it
      was pointless. He was awake now, anyway, so what did it matter?
      But regarding his Meister, he scratched absently behind his ear
      and reclined back in his chair, his feet propped up across the
      smooth expanse of his desk.

            “Hn? Not a clue. Probably in class like the goody goody she is.
      He wagered, folding his hands behind his snowy fringe. 

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